Bentley & Alvis Aventure - Day Six


Day 6 Thursday August 29th 2019 - Thurso to Shetland  Early start for Scrabster to catch Ferry to Orkney (Stromness) leaving 8.45am. Spend the day exploring Orkneys before catching Ferry late evening for the Shetlands, for sailing 23:45.

Up early to catch ferry from Scrabster to Orkney.  Weather okay with occasional light shower.  Decided to drive along south coast along Scarpa to the little Italian chapel.  This was a converted war time building which the army allowed the Italian prisoners of war to make into a Catholic church.  The story is wonderful and inspirational and the result was a beautiful chapel that has been painted into what looks like a Catholic Church with stone walls and vaulted ceiling.  A couple of very talented pow's created a masterpiece out of tin cans, spaire paint and anything the army or local people could give them.  Wonderful.

Travelled onto Kirwall to visit the Cathedral there.  We parked at the rear of the Hardware store (friend of Mark) and were very well looked after by the staff.  It was a shop that sold just about everything and reminded me of the 1950's where I was brought up.  Nothing disrespectful about this as it was clearly what the locals need.  We were given a bar each of carbolic soap (been in stock since 1920's or 30's).  They also sold Reckitt and Colman's blue rinse that my Mother used as whitening for the Monday morning clothes wash.  Didn't know they still made it.  Anyhow, a wonderful shop and attentive staff.

During the evening we had a leisurely meal (more fish) and caught the ferry to Lerwick at 11.45pm.  Shared cabin with Malcom which wasn't ideal but we are here now.  Wonderful to meet up with old friends.  A great deal of laughter to look forward to over the next few days.

Bentley & Alvis Adventure - Day Six

Bentley & Alvis Adventure Day Six

Bentley & Alvis Adventure Day 6