Bentley & Alvis Aventure - Day One


Day 1 Saturday August 24th 2019  The journey is to depart from my home in Weybread, Suffolk, to Norwich on Saturday 24th August 2019 and we shall take a route through Thetford to Kings Lynn then A17 to Newark. Join A1 north and take exit 47 west onto A59 (Knaresborough).  In Knaresborough take B6165 (Ripley Road) for a few miles to a roundabout, 2nd exit onto A61 for a short distance then back onto B6165 to Birstwith. Just before village turn left into Clint Bank Road which takes you to Station Hotel Birstwith on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  208 miles

Well we have arrived for our first overnight in Yorkshire.  Traffic on a Bank Holiday Weekend was terrible.  Why would anyone choose to go on a long journey on this weekend - I ask myself?

Photo is of the Bentley and Alvis outside my garage this morning, just before we left.  We had an early problem with the Bentley, the boot wouldn't open!  Fortunately the boot is quite small and presumably the gentry in the 1930's sent their luggage on before them?  I had all the spare fluids (for the car), coats, folding charis and cleaning materials in the boot, and try as we may none of us could persuade it to open. 

Malcolm is delighted as he is convinced the Alvis is superior.  Wouldn't be surprised if his fails to open tomorrow.  Also forgot to bring my hearing aids, at least I don't have to listen to Malcolm.

More tomorrow when we travel though the Lake District, which I'm certain will be super busy?  Nick

Bentley & Alvis Adventure Day One