Bentley & Alvis Aventure - Day Five


Day 5 Wednesday August 28th 2019 - Lochinver to Thurso    Leave Lochinver A837 after about 2 miles turn left onto B869 (singletrack) to Newton and join A894 via Kylesku Bridge to Laxford Bridge when take A838 left to Durness (petrol). Continue A838 via Tongue where join A836 left and on to Thurso where you join A9 through town and across river.  Take left turn on A836 through Castletown, Dunnet to crossroad. Take right turn onto minor road then finish at The Lau-ren House, Barrock.  142 miles

A quick note while waiting for breakfast.  I would like to thank some of the many people who have been so supportive of our journey.  Mac .....? Tyre people in Fort William who sorted my wheel, Corran Bunkhouse (not really a unkhouse or at least a very nice one with en-suite).  Hailina and Allan are wonderful.  Also to mention a garage in the midst of nowhere who sorted out Malcolm's brakes.  Currently at Polcraig B&B, delightful.

Onward and upward!

Challenging day today.  Up early again.  Lovely old man having breakfast with us.  He has cycled around Britain and walked most of it.  Was off that morning on a marathon climb which impressed us for a guy who looked in his 80's.  May I ask how old you are? says Malcolm, 69 he replies - there was silence, clearly such fitness has taken it's toll.  We are content to drive and visit fish restaurants - much healthier.

Raining when we left Lochinver and toook the very twisty coast road North.  How did we manage to take the coach along this road? Needed another stop to adjust Malcolms brakes otherwise made slow progress.  This was due to endless numbers of rental camper vans with drivers quite unused to the size of vehicle.  Spoiling the Scottish coastal route.  They also leave litter and worse we understand from the mechanic doing Malcolm's car.

Found a lovely fish restaurant at Smoo Cave near Durness, purely by accident even though Kay believes this is planned!

Early start tomorrow to catch ferry to Orkney.  Staying with the delightful Dan & Dollina.  Nick

You can tell it's been a long tiring day as second blog from Nick -  Been raining most of the time which makes driving more challenging.  We started the day buying a pie from our favourite pie shop but not all was well, I believe it has been sold and our lady was no longer there.  Things change! We took the amazing twisty coast road.  Malcolm needed his brakes adjusting so we found a mechanic in a shed somewhere!

Far too many motor homes coming the other way and many just not being driven with any sensible concern for others.  I am told that hundreds are now being hired out to tourists (there are so few hotels in this area).  Frankly many are not used to driving something that big.  They also park overnight anywhere and some leave their litter and waste, not good and may put off travellers such as ourselves.  Point made.  (of course in Scotland one can park up and sleep anywhere in a vehicle, unlike in England).

Kay believes we have planned this trip around fish restaurants; of course not but then we did visit another good one at Smoo Cave in Durness.  Scallops again!

Now with Dan and Dollina at our B&B.  Up early tomorrow as we need to catch the 8.45am ferry to Orkney.  Nick

Bentley & Alvis Adventure Day 5

Bentley & Alvis Aventure Day Five